"Lawyers as Problem Solvers"

A compassionate approach to resolving conflict


Kimberly Stamatelos has been a mediator since 1987 and she has been instrumental in developing mediation in the state of Iowa. She has mediated thousands of cases in matters large and small. Examples of disputes she has mediated include: divorce, property distribution, custody issues, alimony, child support, sale of the marital home, disagreements between parents about child rearing issues, disputes on interpretation of the legal Decree, visitation problems, lack of communication between parents, disputes involving partners, co-habitation, disputes between businesses, families dealing with elderly parents, and all types of civil matters including automotive manufacturers, insurance companies, and persons injured in automobiles and on the job.

Collaborative Divorce

Under this method, the parties each have their own specially trained lawyer. Kimberly Stamatelos is a collaborative divorce lawyer who has been trained in collaborative law and has been a collaborative law attorney for over ten years. She is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. She co-founded the Central Iowa Academy of Collaborative Professionals practice group in 2013.

The most important aspect of a collaborative divorce is, the parties and attorneys agree in a contract, that they will not go to court but wlll negotiate the settlement of their divorce instead. If the negotiation breaks down, the parties must dismiss the collaborative lawyers and hire litigation attorneys. Most of the collaborative divorce ls done in the same room with the parties and the lawyers working respectfully and cooperatively.

Parenting Coordination

Kimberly Stamatelos is one of the first attorneys in Iowa to be trained as a parenting coordinator (PC). In this role, she helps co parents who are still in conflict make decisions and learn skills in how to work together for the best interest of their children. The PC can assist in the implementation of the parenting plan and can help the parties understand the needs of the children. so the children can thrive in a home without stress caused by parents who are in high conflict.