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Kimberly Stamatelos is an experienced divorce attorney and mediator in West Des Moines, Iowa and she has a robust online mediation practice. Her approach is to help clients in family conflict in a compassionate way that maintains dignity and keeps them out of court for divorce and parenting conflicts. As a mediator of your divorce she can design a peaceful and low cost approach.

Kim is a native Iowan, but has mediated, taught mediators and spoken about the benefits of mediation throughout the country for over 30 years. She does online divorce mediation and developed UnHitchUs, an online divorce in Iowa for parties who agree on most things and want a low cost do it yourself out of court option in Iowa.  She was one of the first in Iowa to do online mediation and online divorce and is a leader in the best online mediation practices.

Mediation: Kim has been a trained mediator for over 30 years. She is a divorce mediation attorney. She has experience mediating entire divorce cases involving property and custody issues, alimony, child support, sale of the marital home, disagreements between parents about child rearing issues, disputes on interpretation of the legal Decree, visitation problems, lack of communication between parents, disputes involving partners, co-habitating, businesses, families dealing with elderly parents, and all types of civil matters including automotive manufacturers, insurance companies, and persons injured in automobiles and on the job.

Because she is a lawyer mediator, Kim can give you divorce mediation advice. The best way to reach her is to contact her at so she can give you information on the divorce mediation process and describe divorce mediation services that are available.

Legal Representation: Kim is one of the most experienced divorce lawyers in the Des Moines, Iowa area.    She limits her practice as an attorney to clients who want to stay out of court and promotes COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE,  negotiation and mediation. See the Collaborative Divorce page for more detail.

After years of trial work and seeing the way that process destroys families, Kim’s passion is to help parties resolve things outside of court, in a dignified manner.  To discuss these peaceful options contact Kim for a $150 initial consultation.

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Do you need a divorce mediator or divorce attorney with years of experience in healthy divorce processes that keep your divorce out of court? Contact Kim at

Resolving Conflict Through Mediation:

Kimberly Stamatelos discusses the use of mediation to resolve conflicts.– Listen in to a radio show in Phoenix, Arizona in 2013 where Kim was the guest.

Kimberly Stamatelos was featured on the popular website “The Unsecret Shopper” in a feature entitled “The Unsecret Shopper Goes Shopping: Attorneys Part 2”. The article reviews several Des Moines area divorce attorneys and evaluates them using the pillars of great customer service. Here’s what they had to say about Kimberly Stamatelos:

Phone answered: (It was voice-mail.) The message said to leave a message, and to go to their website, and fill out an intake form – a very cool little detail!  As cool as Kimberly Stamatelos’ voice message was, she was ten times that and a bag of chips in person.   She greeted me warmly and with a smile, by name and with a handshake as I entered her office. We sat down in the conference room. “I like to just hear about what happened,” Kimberly began. Empathetic, compassionate, not worrying about the process at this point – it was a fantastic way to start. I laid it all out for her, including the fact that I made enough to buy a proton accelerator, while my wife earned less than the cost of a box of Kleenex. “I’m glad you’re doing this now instead of five years from now,” she said with a huge smile, “or else you’d be taking care of her through the old people’s home.”

Kimberly was very open about the crapshoot of determining alimony. “The problem with alimony is that there’s no rule. I call it ‘free-fall.’” We talked about the odds of the outcome being decided by a judge. “We try to keep you out of trial, because it turns your money over to strangers (judges),” she explained. ”Judges also want mediation. They have zero tolerance about, ‘he didn’t take out the garbage,’ ‘she didn’t take care of the dog.’” She emphasized the different personalities of the judges, that some were more desirable than others, depending on what a client wanted. “Judges are people, too,” she said. “They have different experiences, different backgrounds. All of that comes in to play.” Unfortunately the judge we’d end up with was out of our control. “We don’t know who our judge is until the night before trial.” Kimberly left and came back with a book that had the actual Iowa Statute that outlines the factors that go into determining alimony. “Length of marriage. Age and physical health of parties. Distribution of property made. Educational level of parties. Earning capacity of parties.”

And a lot more. We talked about how much this was going to cost me. “Your legal fees will depend on who she gets as an attorney,” she said. Honest, reasonable – it was a great way to say it. I was having way too much fun talking with the very engaging Kimberly to tell her I was not some unlucky married dolt who was going to get taken to the cleaners but was instead a single secret shopper, but still a dolt. I came clean. She smiled big and laughed loud, just like I figured she would. She also wondered how she did, and was the only attorney to ask. ”Give me some feedback! Tell me what I can do better!” Awesome job, Kimberly! Overall: Kimberly is dynamic, engaging, witty, compassionate and down to earth, someone you’d love to have as your attorney, or your friend. Read the Full Review Here: The Unsecret Shopper Goes Attorney Shopping