After lawyers asked her to provide life coaching to their clients, Kim trained as a life coach. She enjoys empowering people through working as a personal coach.

Divorce Coaching: Kim can coach you as you navigate the divorce process. Having gone through  painful divorce herself, Kim has a unique vantage point in helping you both through the legal maze and through the life transitions.  Divorce coaching is done on an hourly basis, and each client’s program is individualized.  Kim does virtual coaching.

Kim can also help coach you in writing emails to your co-parent.

Co-parenting Coaching:A big part of her work as a parenting coordinator involves coaching high conflict co-parents on how to communicate, and to find courage in the midst of their legal dilemmas. Kim works with parents who truly want to heal their families, and who are not invested in “staying in the fight.” Kim published a book on shared parenting that is available here.

Most coaching relationships involve monthly meetings and weekly accountability emails, however each coaching relationship is individualized.

For more information on Kim’s availability for coaching contact